Apple Application Support 8.7

Apple Application Support 8.7

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Install Apple Application Support

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Apple Application Support is required by iTunes. If you get the error message "Apple Application Support was not found", here's how you can fix your iTunes installation.
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Apple Application Support is part of iTunes, there is no stand-alone package. To install it separately, follow these steps:

  1. Download the installation file iTunesSetup.exe (or iTunesSetup64.exe if you are on a 64-bit system) from the download link below
  2. Extract it (it's a zip file despite the .exe suffix). Here's how using using 7-Zip:
    1. Right-click the file in Windows Explorer
    2. Choose 7-Zip from the context menu
    3. Choose "Extract to iTunesSetup" (or "Extract to iTunesSetup64")
  3. Open the folder iTunesSetup (or iTunesSetup64) created in the previous step
  4. Double-click the file AppleApplicationSupport.msi (or AppleApplicationSupport64.msi if you have a 64-bit system)
  5. Choose "Repair" if you are prompted (if you are not prompted that's fine, too)

Your iTunes installation should work now. If you encounter problems using the steps outlined above, please leave a message in the comments below.


What is Apple Application Support?

Apple Application Support is software that is required to run certain applications developed by Apple Inc. on a Windows computer.

Which applications require Apple Application Support?

Apple Application Support is required to run applications such as iTunes, iCloud and QuickTime on a Windows computer.

Is Apple Application Support free?

Yes, Apple Application Support is a free download from the official Apple website.

Can I install Apple Application Support without downloading iTunes?

No, Apple Application Support is included in the iTunes installation package and cannot be installed separately.

Do I need to update Apple Application Support?

Apple Application Support is updated automatically when you update the applications that require it.

What happens if I uninstall Apple Application Support?

If you uninstall Apple Application Support, applications that require it will not function properly.

Is Apple Application Support compatible with Windows 10?

Yes, Apple Application Support is compatible with Windows 10, as well as Windows 8 and Windows 7.

Can I use Apple Application Support on a Mac computer?

No, Apple Application Support is only required for running certain Apple applications on a Windows computer and is not needed on a Mac computer.

How do I download Apple Application Support?

You can download Apple Application Support from the official Apple website by searching for "Apple Application Support" and clicking the download button.

Is Apple Application Support safe to use?

Yes, Apple Application Support is safe to use and is a legitimate software developed by Apple Inc.

Michael Ganss

Michael Ganss


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